SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate
SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate
SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate

SCA Sensory Skills Intermediate

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SCA Sensory Intermediate builds on the skills laid out during Sensory Foundations where students learn core concepts of sensory science in the analysis of aroma, taste, flavor, and body differences in a variety of coffees. Students will learn a variety of testing methodologies and practice calibrating on the SCA cupping form. Students will examine the basic elements required for developing a sensory program back at their respective companies and apply core concepts of sensory science to analyze differences in aroma, taste, and body in coffee.

Key Learning Topics:

  • Introduction to coffee sensory analysis
  • Cupping protocols
  • Calibration with other cuppers
  • Cupping for defects
  • Comparative cupping
  • Triangulation cupping exercises
  • Practical applications for sensory evaluation in your company
  • The statistical significance of a variety of sensory analysis tests
  • Understanding intensity and scales
  • Requirements for cupping lab
  • Creating and managing tasting panels
  • Sensory tests


  • Prerequisite of SCA Sensory Skills Foundation is highly recommended but not mandatory 
  • SCA members enjoy members' rate on examination & certification
  • A light lunch will be provided on each training day

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