SCA Foundation Series: Barista and Brewing Skills

SCA Foundation Series: Barista and Brewing Skills

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The SCA Coffee Skills Program consists of six different modules: Introduction to Coffee, which is available at one level, and five specialist modules; Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills,

Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with points attached at every stage. You may choose the modules that fit your interests and needs. Once you have achieved 100 points, you will be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

This two-day SCA foundation course is designed for those who are new to the coffee industry, and requires no previous barista experience to participate. Learn the theoretical and practical knowledge you’ll need behind the espresso and brew bar.

Day 1: SCA Brewing Foundation 

The learner will receive theoretical and practical hands-on instruction for a range of devices including automatic and manual gravity brewers, as well as other commonly used brewers within their local culture. Learners will also explore how to produce a tasty brew based on an understanding of the essential brewing elements and an analysis of their brew results.

Day 2: SCA Barista Foundation

The learner will acquire the key skills required to set a grinder, make espresso and foam, and texture milk for lattes. This course allows one to gain an introductory understanding of the coffee itself and set a foundation from which to build practical skills for espresso, milk technique and latte art, while implementing health and safety practices and customer service.

Course fee is inclusive of:

  • 2 x SCA examinations and certificates worth €140 
  • A light lunch on each training day

    Next Intake:

    • 02 - 03 Jul 2021
    • 16 - 17 Jul 2021
    • 31 Jul - 01 Aug 2021
    • 15 - 16 Aug 2021
    • 30 - 31 Aug 2021
    • 14 - 15 Sep 2021