SCA Brewing Skills Professional

SCA Brewing Skills Professional

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This is a three-day advanced course for candidates who want to pursue specialist knowledge in coffee brewing. This course looks in detail at the science and processes behind the various brewing methods in order to bring the best out of each coffee. Candidates must have successfully completed the SCA Brewing Skills Intermediate before attempting this course.

Key Topics of Learning:

  • Understanding the effects of coffee blooming 
  • Understanding the effect of roast level on coffee extraction 
  • Understanding and practicing by-pass
  • Understanding and measuring composition in water that affects a brew
  • Understanding and manipulating brew ratios, extraction rate and concentration on the SCA Brewing Control Chart
  • Experimenting with factors of brewing and carrying out extraction tests


  • SCA members enjoy members' rate on examination & certification
  • Sign-ups must have completed SCA intermediate level for at least 3 months before attempting the professional level
  • A light lunch will be provided on each training day

    Reach out to us at for a bundle pricing if you would like to sign up for 2 or more classes !