SCA Barista Skills Professional

SCA Barista Skills Professional

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The SCA Barista Skills Professional is tailored for learners who are intending to pursue a serious career in the specialty coffee industry. Upon completing this course with a recommendation from the trainer, the learner is allowed to apply for the Train-the-Trainers program organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

This 3-day course is not for the fainted hearted. Learners need to demonstrate substantial knowledge, skills & experience acquired from the intermediate level, as well as his/her workplace in order to succeed in this course. A minimum prerequisite of SCA Barista Skills Intermediate is required prior to signing up for this course.

Key topics of learning:

  • Decaffeination
  • Chemical composition (acids, lipids)
  • Grinding – grinder analysis
  • Extraction, recipe calculation (i.e. EBF, ratios)
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Refractometer calculations
  • Understanding milk – processing and chemistry
  • Improving latte art
  • Recipe creation for multiple coffees
  • Equipment maintenance (incl. burrs, group seals and filtration systems)
  • Creating an efficient workspace and customer service
  • Cafe cost calculation, accounting and financial management
  • Hygiene, and health and safety legislation and compliance


  • SCA Barista Skills Professional examination & certification is optional. Choose without certification if you do not require
  • Pricing is inclusive of in-house certificate of completion
  • Pricing is inclusive of all training materials required
  • Sign-ups must ensure that they have completed the intermediate level for at least 3 months 
  • A light lunch will be provided on each training day