SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

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The Coffee Skills Program consists of six different modules: Introduction to Coffee, which is available at one level, and five specialist modules; Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills

Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with points attached at every stage. You may choose the modules that fit your interests and needs. Once you have achieved 100 points, you will be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

This SCA Barista Skills Intermediate offers a comprehensive knowledge of the coffee industry as well as thorough training for developing as top baristas. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of coffee itself and builds upon the practical skills covered at the Foundation level. This course is for those who are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have firm command over the basic skills.

Key topics of learning:

    • Coffee origins, processing and roasting methods
    • Workspace management and efficiency
    • Understanding of grinding, quality control and trouble-shooting
    • Dosing, distribution & tamping
    • Varying extraction, looking at time, dose, and espresso brew ratio
    • Milk alternatives, frothing techniques and basic latte art
    • Creating a barista menu and handling multiple drinks order
    • Ergonomic bar management
    • The importance of hygiene and health and safety compliance
    • Customer service
    • Basic business accounting and financial management


  • SCA members enjoy members' rate for examination and certification 
  • A light lunch will be provided on each training day
  • Fees stated are inclusive of one(1) time SCA certification and examination fees 
  • A practical examination will be held at the end of Day-2

Course Location: Emery School of Coffee (Training Lab)

33, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6B, Putra Point Business Centre, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia