Latte Art Workshop for 2: Express your love with Latte Art

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There’s a saying that a person will meet about 3 million people in his or her life. The odds of meeting someone is 1 in 562. ❤️Be thankful if you have met someone special in your life.❤️

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, have you thought about how to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day with your loved one? How would you like to show your love and gratitude to your special one?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

If you have not had any plans in mind, we’ve got your back. Introducing our "Latte Art Workshop for Couples: Express your love with latte art" , where couples get to learn latte art in pairs, let's make your Valentine’s celebration an extraordinary one.❤️☕️

What do you get from this workshop:

1. Basic Latte Art for beginners

  • Pour and perfect your latte art skills up to 12 cups of coffee in a session (2 persons)
  • Learn to master the perfect milk temperature for your café latte
  • Learn the basics of free pour latte art pattern
  • Learn how to stretch and forth milk for latte art
  • Learn how to choose the suitable coffee and milk for your café latte

2. Valentines Set 

  • Main Course: Pasta for 2 (Choice: Chicken Bolognese / Beef Stew)
  • Dessert: Freshly handmade Vanilla Ice-Cream Waffle with strawberry compote
  • Cafe Latte*

* You may enjoy the cafe latte which made by yourself. 

Sign up in pairs and learn how to make latte art from scratch. At the end of the workshop, make one café latte to each other and enjoy these cups filled with love and sincerity along with our Valentine’s set menu.

The workshop is originally priced at RM700 for 2 people, but we are now offering it at only RM299 to the customers who sign up with us! What a great deal! 
Seats are limited, so grab yours today! 

*Friends, Siblings, Families, or  Couples are all welcome❤️❤️❤️
Note: Registration fee is not refundable, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via 017-3727027 or email us

據說, 人的一生會遇到 300 萬個人
兩個人的相愛 的概率是 0.00178
感謝愛情 讓你們遇見彼此.
感謝對方以誠相待 真心相愛 

希望在這新的一年裡 想好了用什麼方式來感謝對方?
想好了為另一半準備了什麼驚喜嗎? 吃飯看電影再也不是你的第一首選.
我們已為你精心準備 一個與眾不同的情人節互動活動 泡出濃濃愛意的拉花拿鐵給你心愛的另一半.


1. 基本拉花课程
  • 高達12杯咖啡拉花的練習(2位)
  • 學習掌握牛奶咖啡的適當溫度
  • 學習基本拉花技術
  • 學習打奶泡的技術
  • 學習如何選用適合奶咖的牛奶

2. 浪漫情人节套餐

  • 主餐:熱燙暖心意大利面(兩種口味:茄汁肉醬 / 美式燜牛肉)
  • 甜點:新鮮手工製作草莓香草格子鬆餅
  • 咖啡拿铁*


在這 1 小時 30 分钟的活動裡, 你和他(她)可以一起學習拉花技巧 , 並用雙手 用心地一起冲泡出那香味撲鼻的拿鐵給你的另一半
此外, 我們也會提供浪漫情人節套餐讓你們共享有意義的情人節週末.

此活動課程原價為RM700,藉由情人節浪漫的氛圍,只需要RM 299 就可以和你心愛的另一半一起學習沖泡拿鐵喔 ❤️ 位子有限,趕快報名參加這次有意義的情人節活動❤️☕️ 
(是時候給你的另一半不一樣的驚喜 ❤️) 

小提醒: 已支付的報考費不予退哦。 有任何问题, 欢迎质询我们 017-3727027 或电邮