Barista Hustle Percolation -  Off-Line Learning/Practical

Barista Hustle Percolation - Off-Line Learning/Practical

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About Percolation Certificate:

Baristas of the third wave have have transformed pour-over and batch brewed filter coffee from a culture of the bottomless cup, into a specialisation that parallels the achievements of the wine industry. Percolation brew methods allow us to produce our most velvety and clarified brews which is what makes this style of coffee beverage, the most thirst quenching and delicious of them them all. The Percolation course is an exploration of the art and science of gravity fed, drip coffee in all is guises.

Online Learning:

Off-Line Learning/Practical:

Put your online learning into real-life experiments. In this one-day practical training, you will get hands-on experience with various percolation methods, taste and understand coffees made with different variables, as well as cleaning & maintenance know-how for the kettles and brewing devices