ESC Coffee Bootcamp
ESC Coffee Bootcamp

ESC Coffee Bootcamp

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Learn about specialty coffee from scratch ! We understand that people who would like to know more about specialty coffee are often uncertain about where to start. Look no further; this 2-day comprehensive class will equip you with the fundamental knowledge in espresso, brewing, latte art and sensory skills. 

Duration: 2 days (6-7 training hours per day) 


  1. Learn about the species & varieties of the coffee plants, impact of coffee origin, processing and roasting on flavours. 
  2. Identify the definition of espresso and apply each variables to make delicious espressos 
  3. Set up the coffee machine and grinder to deliver consistent dose and shots
  4. Understand the milk-texturing process and practice to achieve shiny, dense and velvety micro-foam. 
  5. Integrate milk with espresso to assemble milk beverages and develop an understanding and the practical steps involved to pour latte art.
  6. Learn the drinks menu available in the coffee shops today. 

By the end of Day 1 you will be confident pulling tasty espresso shots and pouring creamy milk beverages


  1. Learn and understand the history brewed coffee and the technical terminologies of strength and extractions
  2. Learn how to prepare filtered coffees using various brewing devices, including the syphon brewer 
  3. Understand and explore the variables that affect coffee brewing and their respective effects on the taste profiles of coffee
  4. How to use a hand grinder or shop grinder effectively. 
  5. Learn the techniques of pouring water when using a filtration device. 
  6. Understand and apply the concepts of extraction and strength using a refractometer and extraction formula 
  7. Learn the value of and how to introduce a regular cleaning and maintenance regime.

By the end of Day 2 you will be able to pick up any bag of coffee to brew it confidently with any brewing device. 

ESC Boot Camp is available upon request at any time as we aim to facilitate dates that suit learners unique schedules. We welcome you to contact us if you wish to discuss this course or your own individual training needs further prior to booking. Private workshops are also available upon request.